Topher Meets Clara

Actually, Topher and Clara have met quite a few times, he must have been too young to remember.

We don’t know when exactly he started playing this game, but it happened recently- usually he just lets Clara lick him until she gets too rough.

But from the looks of this, you might think he’d never met a dog before!

So super cute 🙂

Peeing on the Pad!

Success! Today Jesse and I double-teamed Clara and insisted that she pee on her puppy pad first thing in the morning. We got her out of her crate and wouldn’t let her play or scamper about until she did her business. Since this is never something we’ve had the time to do, she was very confused and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t cuddle and play. Twice we put her back in her crate for 5 minutes and then brought her back out again to pee.

And, after about 1/2 hr. of this, we were rewarded with lots of pee on a puppy pad! Wow, never thought I’d be excited about yellow Picasso splotches. But I was. And so was Clara. She has such a sweet personality that we didn’t even need to give her a treat- all the positive praise and affirmation were too much for her little puppy heart to handle as it was!