Mirabelle’s Online Survey

Fill out each question honestly! If you don’t, merchant elves from the land of Hawaii will tear out your whiskers and lasso them around little kitties! Plus, you will have bad luck for 10 years! And no kitty litter!

Name: Mirabelle Cone


Color: I don’t see colors.

Friends: Kelly’s my mom, so I guess she doesn’t count. I just use her for cuddling. Jesse’s my toy, so he doesn’t count either since I guess friends don’t bite and scratch at faces. Maybe Allanah, she’s the only person I don’t growl at.

Pastimes: Sticking bobby pins in Jesse’s shoes, sprinting around the house, running into things, meowing all night, biting Jesse’s hand, running on my vertical treadmill (a special model called, the shiny dishwasher).

Food: Toilet water.

Celebrity: Jessica Simpson. SOO Smart.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?: On a couch cleaning my butt

Who are your enemies?: Oh, I have so many, how can I begin….well, all those noises outside the door. Humans can’t hear them, but I do. Trust me they’re there, and they make me so crazy….but it’s not my fault!

What religion do you practice?: I do whatever the little voices say. They tell me to scratch on the wall, I do it. But I can’t stand the sign of the cross. That’s why I hiss.

What special talents do you have?: I can growl. Sometimes, I can even act normal. I also like to hiss alot.

Do you have areas for improvement in your life?: Maybe I could learn to aim as I shove litter over my “business”. Other than that, no. I am the perfect household cat.