Clarabelle the Acrobatic Dog

Some of the games that Jesse and Clara like to play are tame. Others are not. Here’s one that they invented, wherein Clara sinks her teeth into a toy and Jesse raises her into the air.

Clarabelle, the Bravest Puppy Ever

Lately, Clarabelle has taken to chasing Mirabelle around the house. And surprisingly, Mirabelle lets her! Sometimes, they go at it forever, chasing and chasing and chasing. Whenever Mirabelle has had enough, she simply jumps up on a chair to end the game.

Watch this video and you will see why Clarabelle has accomplished what no one else has- being fearless around Mirabelle.


We have reached a new low of stupidity, everyone. All of a sudden tonight, Jesse and I smelled a putrid smoky smell, kind of like when someone has left their hair in a curling iron for fifteen minutes. Only it wasn’t human hair.

Mirabelle had lit herself on fire.

Jesse and I had lit some Christmas candles and set them on our dresser. Not five minutes later, and Mirabelle had jumped up on the dresser and let her tail come to rest on top of one of them.

She didn’t even know what was happening- she probably thought later that WE were the ones to make half the hair on her tail feel crispy. We yelled at her and made her jump off the dresser, carrying with her that horrid burning smell. She ran off, not even knowing what all the big deal was about.

We didn’t stop laughing for a long time. Then we couldn’t stop hypothesizing about what would have happened had there been actual flames coming from her tail. By the time we would have caught her, what with all the yowling, half the apartment would have been on fire.

Yes, it was funny to think about. But nothing could make the smell any better.