Gregory’s Newest Game

I can’t wait for the day when Claire will actually pay Gregory more than 10 seconds of attention. He is absolutely fascinated by her! I think half his day is spent figuring out just how he can get her to play with him.

Lately, his strategy has been to find whatever she seems most interested in, capture it, then taunt her with it, just to keep her playing with him. Sometimes, it’s this stuffed animal carcass that Claire destroyed a few weeks ago. Even though all the stuffing’s been ripped out, Claire still gets possessive if anyone touches it. G’s figured out that if he can get a hold of the animal, chase Claire, then beat her with it, she’ll sometimes play with him.

Today, the item of interest was a dryer ball. Gregory made it his mission for at least 30 minutes to wrestle the ball from Claire, throw it, watch her chase it, then repeat.

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