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My awesome thrift store find this weekend!

My awesome thrift store find this weekend!

You guys, this weekend was hard. Most weekends are, actually. Saturdays are a WAR zone in our house. 4 boys, cranky, hungry, bored, arguing, wanting attention every.single.second. Jesse and I usually tag team it to where he gets to leave for 1-2 hours and spend some alone time at the gym, and when he gets back, I leave for a few hours to get all of our shopping done for the week. The alone time keeps us sane, but just barely.

This weekend was especially hard because our 10 year old foster boy was having a really hard time. Actually, he’s been having a hard time for the past 2 weeks, ever since a particularly bad visit with one of his parents. He was in crisis at least 3 times on Saturday, and the rest of the time he was just NOT himself. Picture someone who’s super sensitive to any criticism, super ADD and super cranky.

We dealt with “crisis” with our first foster child, and this is thankfully a whole lot easier, and not just because we’ve already been there and done that. Being so out of control is not something he finds normal, so he fights it. He wants to feel normal, he doesn’t want these thoughts and memories surfacing and triggering him without warning. When it’s over, he’s able to talk about it, and he asks how he can do better, bless his little heart! We actually came up with a code word this weekend, so that if a bad memory is triggering his behavior, we can at least know and either give him space or special treatment.

It’s hard work. But it’s good. We are so very glad to be doing it.

On the happier side of having a 10 year old, we got to play tooth fairy this weekend. My parents never let me believe in Santa or the tooth fairy, and I’m actually quite grateful, because I get really angry if anyone lies to me. So I had my qualms about whether or not we should play along with it all. In the end, we called his bio dad and asked what his parenting philosophy was on this matter, because we don’t want to rob him of any future tooth fairy encounters. He asked us to go along with it, so we did.

And it was fun. Sneaking in after they were asleep and exchanging the tooth for a dollar, Jesse almost woke them up several times. It was a stealth operation.

Speaking of which, is $1 a cheapskate move of us? I really have no idea what the norm is.

Our 5 year old has been in desperate need of pants. It’s not that I don’t have the money to get some for him, it’s that he’s SO skinny, the jeans have to be a special kind. Picture skinny jeans that end up looking like baggy cargo pants on him. Shopping on the Central coast is pretty scarce, so I’ve resorted to looking mostly online and checking thrift stores.

Well, whaddya know? I ran into Goodwill on my way home from grocery shopping, and I found FOUR pairs of perfect jeans for him, for a total of $12! They were like-new Levi’s, and they were the slim fit that he needs. It was providential. He did a little fashion show for all of us, beaming ear to ear.

And, of course, I found my own pair of printed jeans on Friday at a different thrift store. I can’t wait to wear them on my BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

Yup. Turning the big 28 tomorrow.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts and ramblings for the day! How was your weekend?


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  • A Life From Scratch

    Your pants are ADORABLE and I don’t know how you do it with 4 boys – I can barely handle 2. Rockstar, for sure.

    Our weekend was fun! Basketball, naps (for the baby), grocery shopping and sledding. Back to the daily grind today!

    • themrscone

      I don’t know how we do it most days. I think we survive because we have a LOT of help from family and friends. And we keep our freezer stocked with icecream for after the boys are all asleep πŸ™‚

      That sounds like a fun weekend!It rained here, but I definitely miss snow πŸ™‚

  • Gretchen

    Love those printed jeans of yours! And happy early birthday!!! I turn 28 this year too πŸ™‚

    • themrscone

      Thanks! I didn’t know you were also 28!

  • Becky @ bybmg

    Cute cute pants! I love thrift shopping. It’s my weekend escape, too!

    • themrscone

      It’s the best. Get a break from the kids, don’t spend a lot of money πŸ™‚

  • Seana Turner

    Well first of all, happy birthday. Just sending love to your little guy… children shouldn’t have to learn how to deal with rough memories:( I have a child who always needed slim pants (she still does!), so I get the joy of the find. Happy day:)

    • themrscone


  • Rebecca

    I love your blog Kelly πŸ™‚

    • themrscone

      Aw, thanks!

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  • Vicki @ WITC

    Visiting from the Random Wednesday Link-up! Such a great thrift store find! Sounds like your house is totally crazy, I can understand why you need a little alone time! πŸ™‚

    <3 Vicki

    • themrscone

      It’s true, we do need alone time!

  • Vicky

    Love those printed jeans and what a score for your little one with the jeans!! That is such a wonderful feeling and seeing him show them off is pure gold. Weekends like that are so tough but I love knowing that you can see the positive in it. Thanks for sharing!
    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

    • themrscone

      Will do! Last time I didn’t see a link app.

  • Cami

    Visiting from WIWW…had to click to see those cute pants…can’t believe you found them at a thrift store!! Happy birthday! πŸ™‚


    • themrscone

      Thanks! I couldn’t believe it either πŸ™‚

  • Ginnie

    Cute pants! I need to go thrifting more often. Happy belated birthday:)

    • themrscone

      Thanks! Thrifting is such hit or miss, it can be discouraging sometimes.


    thanks for sharing some of your story. Having children is such a blessing – and also difficult and you’re doing this for someone elses child. What a blessing for him to be in a home filled with love!

    • themrscone

      Thank you, Alyssa! We do love them πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie

    Sounds like you got your hands full! I’m glad you get to have some time to yourself and blog. Always good to hear how everyone else’s week is going. Hope you have a great birthday!!!! πŸ™‚


    • themrscone

      Thank you, Stephanie! It was great!