Mitigation? Retraction?

Jesse got home, read my previous blog post about Happy Baby Organics, and was silent.

Much later in the evening, he looked over and said, “Kelly, I think you were on a ‘Green Jihad’ this morning.”

I protested, explaining it is a BIG DEAL. Our kid is going to get autism from the produce at Kroger, just you wait.

He burst out, “We live in a world where we get cancer from the SUN. There is danger all around! We can’t worry about everything!”

He also reminded me that I pretty much end every conversation in, “No, Jesse, this is REALLY IMPORTANT.” He said I’m living like my life is in all caps.

I thought for about one minute about what he said, before I burst out laughing. I can’t think of a time where I haven’t finished my conversation with a qualification about why what I’ve just said is the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER.  YES. MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT OTHER MOST IMPORTANT THING. I MEAN IT.

So while I may still have a right to be concerned about the pesticides in our food, and while I may or may not have gone out this afternoon and spent $60 in all green/natural products out of fear for our baby (who would DO that?….) consider this a mitigated retraction of my previous post.

And please, don’t write off any thoughts you’ve had about recycling, organic foods, etc., just because a crazy pregnant woman who can’t control her anxiety is the one telling you about it 😉

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