Sick sick sick

My sweet boy. Still cute as ever, even when sick.

My sweet boy. Still cute as ever, even when sick.

For those who didn’t see on Facebook, our whole family started coming down with the stomach flu on Sunday morning. This is our 4th round since Christmas!

It started with my 1 year old barfing in/on? my face. Ah, motherhood. It was followed by our 5 year old throwing up, so we made a split second decision not to attempt church. We got our 10 year old out of the house with friends and family most of Sunday and Monday, so he’s been spared, thankfully.

And then, late Sunday into Monday, I was up with my 3 year old Gregory all night while he threw up, poor guy. By morning, I had it too. Still do, actually, although I’m feeling better enough to sit up and write this!

Luckily, my wonderful husband has taken two sick days from work (his first all school year!) and is doing a great job keeping the laundry and cleaning going. What a guy, seriously.

Here’s to being thankful for Sprite. And my essential oils. I’ll have another post on it someday, but some simple at-home remedies with my oils made all the difference during the headaches and body aches!

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Sick sick sick

  • Seana Turner

    I’m so sorry — the stomach flu spares no one.. rapid fire assault, and so hard when Mom goes down. I’m sure you could give me advice, but I always found that Pedialyte Popsicles were the best for getting you feeling better (can just suck on them, rather than drinking…) Good luck!

    • themrscone

      Maybe I’d have better luck with the Pedialyte popsicles than normal Pedialyte!