Reason #399 to love Texas

Blueberries. Texas Blueberries.

Last Sunday after we helped run the youth-pancake breakfast fundraiser, Father John gave us a few leftover cartons of blueberries that we used to make the pancakes. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything more perfect.

Thank God for Texas Blueberries.

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  • Christine

    I love that you (now) love Texas. We should get more people to move here…keep up the propaganda.

    (oh, and are you as excited about my visit as I am…b/c the thought of seeing y’all keeps making me smile through work…)

  • Christine

    I just learned that if you type a period and follow it with a ), it makes a winking smiley face. The smiley works, but i was actually just trying to close the parenthetical thought. oh, well.

  • knotquiteawake

    blueberry pancakes? it makes me hungry right now for breakfast after having just consumed far too many noodles for my lunch today.
    I should just move, then I wouldn’t have to stress about my apartment situations


  • themrscone

    Yes, move to Texas. You could get your own apartment for what you’re paying in rent:)

  • knotquiteawake

    its tempting for sure, but, the question really is how long to you guys expect to stay in Texas? Is Texas you new home? or, will you guys ever come back to beautiful expensive, smoggy, crowded california.

  • Christine

    Please say you’ll stay!!