2 Month Checkup

Today was G’s 2 month pediatrician appt. He behaved wonderfully– until they gave him 2 shots! His face went from happy giggles to the softest, most pitiful, heart wrenching cry. But I assured G that mommy never would’ve let the mean lady hurt him if it weren’t for a very good reason. We’re headed to CA in less than a month, and the whooping cough has reached epidemic levels there. If we were staying in Texas, I said to G, he wouldn’t have needed shots. Texas is clean. Way better than California 🙂

His stats: 11 pounds, 5 oz., 23 inches long. My baby is getting so big!! It’s hard to believe!

And don’t worry, a 2 month letter to G is coming along. I decided to survive finals before writing it.

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  • Norm

    Not a bad start, but how much of that 11 lbs is muscle? Tell him grandpa can do 65 pushups and I’m old. With his short little arms he ought to be able to crank out dozens! Seriously, though, he seems to be growing like a weed. I had no doubt that your motherly nutrients would work wonders once the little fella started latching on right. You’re a good momma.