This is mainly to give you pictures of us in Texas if you would like to see some. So far, all of these are from when we visited San Antonio and stayed at the Voss home. We toured downtown San Antonio, mostly for the Riverwalk and the Alamo. Along the way, Jesse bought Kelly an awesome 1 year anniversary gift:)

My new ring

Here is an album of pictures on Facebook:

That’s all for now! Off to meet with the realtor!

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  • mary

    Hey Texans! Miss you out here, but I hope you’re having a grand time and adjusting well. School has been pretty crazy…Andrew and I are both TOTALLY stressed. I can’t wait to get married! We’ve both been saying “We’ve hardly had a relationship over the past two weeks!” because we are both just so crazy with school and work. Anyways, I hope marriage will ease that, and I can’t wait to just come home to my favorite man EVER every day for the rest of my life!

    How’s life treating you both? oooh! Kel, you should send me your home address. You can bubbs it to me, because guess what? I LOVE sending letters, and then you will have real mail which is just the best! 🙂

    Well, love you both! Thanks for making this blog. And Kelly, your ring is gorgeous! Props to Jesse for finding something so beautiful for such a beautiful woman!

  • knotquiteawake

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