Family Visits

This week my family drove down from California to see Jesse and I for Spring Break. We stayed at the Voss Villa (as I am going to call it from now on) for two nights, enabling us to enjoy the Riverwalk, Alamo and sightseeing around San Antonio. From there we drove up to Austin and checked out the University and Capitol Building.

That night we pulled into Dallas at around 11pm, where all 7 of us fit into our tiny apt. It was rather enjoyable, actually, once the sleeping arrangements got…well, arranged. In Dallas we did a lot of sightseeing, visited the Arboretum, enjoyed Easter lunch at La Madeleine’s, and, everyone’s favorite, played Apples to Apples. It was great, instead of going out to eat that night we chose to make tofu spaghetti (thanks to 3 of us being vegan!) and play this awesome game.

I was first introduced to it when we went to an impromptu game night that Fr. John and about 15 other parishioners organized. Normally, Jesse hates boardgames, and so we were skeptical, but the group was able to play it for a good 2 hrs. without stopping or getting bored. So, naturally, I wanted to put the game to another test and see if it could provide a few more hours of enjoyment for my family. We went and bought it, and Voila! Hours and hours of fun! No one wanted to stop, but unfortunately playing a board game until 1am isn’t as much fun when my dad accidentally falls asleep and serenades us with snoring…

Here are a few pictures, along with a link to the others.

dsc01026.jpg dsc01046.jpg dsc01083.jpg dsc01051.jpg dsc01112.jpg

I miss them so much!!

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  • Tess

    You look like you all had an amazing time. It always makes me smile to see the whole Honeycutt family together.