House Tour #1

I knew that if I didn’t post pictures now, pre-move in, I wouldn’t feel ready to post any for months (aka, until everything gets put away!).

The view out our front door

The view from the front door looking in. Notice the soft gray with the white trim! Definitely love this color.

View from the opposite direction, looking back at the front door from the patio door. The door on the right leads to the 2 car garage

The kitchen to the left of the dining. You can see our first round of groceries out on the counter!

I’ve already started lining the shelves with “happy” paper!

Looking out the kitchen window into the backyard

In order: the garage back door, the patio door, and the kitchen window

The backyard. Luckily, we have a gardener to mow the lawn!

More backyard. Notice the fence– freshly stained!

The side yard. Luckily, there is a padlock on the gate– wouldn’t want the kiddos running out onto the driveway!

The bathroom tucked under the stairs

Going up the stairs to the left of the front door

The stairs looking down

The view from the stairs. Disregard the UGLY curtains in the master on the left. I took them down– the housekeeper put them back up

The master bedroom and closet. It’s not a walk in, but it’s nearly 4 feet deep! The blue is part of my new color scheme that matches my new light gray/white duvet cover

The view out of our master window

Walking out the master, back towards the stairs. The door on the left is yet ANOTHER linen closet (YAY FOR LOTS OF STORAGE!). The open door is the boys’ room.

Lest you think I’m crazy for taking a picture of one of the toilets, these are NAME BRAND toilets. In fact, most of the fixtures are “Kohler”. We need to document this, because this will be the nicest throne we’ve ever sat on.

The boys room, painted the same gray as downstairs. This is actually going to be more of an office/toy room, I think…

The view from the boys’ room down into the yard!



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