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I have to admit that it is a tad bit hard to learn on how to choose the best mover, because the costs and expenses, which are one of the aspects that are to be considered, are highly unstable. As the thought of moving this summer has slowly started making its way from fiction into fact, the reality of what “moving” actually implies is also starting to hit. We’ve been at our current place for 2 years now (3, if you are counting how long we’ve been in this complex)– the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere since we’ve been married. It’s also the longest I’ve lived in one place since I left for college in 2003. I never had the same dorm room (or even the same DORM!) and never came home for longer than 3 months at a time. I’ve been a perpetual nomad for the past 8 years of my life!

If you know me, I’ve always had my decorating scheme planned out before the ink on the lease is even dry. People always remark that it looks like we’ve been living in our apartment for years, when it’s only been 2 weeks. I’m not the person that takes months to hang pictures– they are usually the first things to go up. It’s what makes a home feel like a home to me, and I can’t relax until it happens.

So, you can imagine– after 2 years, we’ve become pretty entrenched in our current living situation.

I actually asked Jesse yesterday if we should just call the whole thing off, like we did last year. Then again, last year I was 8 months pregnant as our lease was ending. If we HAD decided to move…I’m not sure how it would’ve happened! I actually can’t think of a way that it could have!

Then again, the thought of saving $300-400/month in rent is AWFULLY appealing. While our rent used to be in the 3 digit category, it got raised into the 4 digits when we renewed our lease. I’d like to get our monthly rent into the 700s, if possible. Yes, again, for you non-Texans, it is possible. We could get a 2 bedroom in a nice complex with washer/dryer connections and a pool and fitness center for this price. Easy. I’m actually aiming for much higher– I want things like wood floors, 9 foot ceilings, crown molding, double paned windows, wood blinds and garden tubs on top of it. And, yes, we can get all those things for around 700-800 a month. We will have to forgo our attached garage, but we haven’t even used it much.

Anyways, I ran across this great article for those who might be moving in the near future. Feel free to save it or pass it along if you know someone who could use it!

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  • Christine

    wow. some of those were really good suggestions. (others i’ve already used in the past and can attest to their helpfulness; some were new)

    i, too, may be moving this summer depending on what the job situation does and am already dreading it. (though currently i’m dreading more the fact that i don’t know and probably won’t until a few more months pass…and then could need to move as early as june. ugh)

    best of luck. if i’m in the area, i’ll try to come up and help with the move.

  • Kelly

    We’d love the help, although the Unruhs might be moving at the same time and will probably need more help, what with two kids and all!

    As we say, everyone needs a Christine!

  • seattlitelarsens is one of my FAVORITES. Good site.