So, we’re probably moving. Again. Begin sighing.

If I weren’t so desperate to someday renew a lease (we have yet to do so in our marriage!), I would actually be a lot more excited about this. We just haven’t been able to stay in the same spot, probably due to our constantly fluctuating circumstances. Between the two of us, we’ve also gone through 6 different jobs in the last 3 years, stretching, at times, 100 miles apart from one another!

Anyways. Keep sighing as I go back to why we’re probably moving. Don’t we love our place? Yes, we do. It’s been my favorite of any so far. I love having a garage, especially since I never have to worry about parking or carrying up groceries when I’m tired. I love the staff at our complex, who know me by name and ask follow-up questions about my life. I love having a little side yard for Claire to run around in.

So, again, why are we almost certainly moving?

Well, because….drumroll….my wonderful cousin, Julie, is coming to live with us for at least a year! She has just finished 2 years worth at Cuesta, my hometown’s community college, and was accepted to Cal Poly San Luis, 20 miles away. The problem is, she was born and raised in Templeton, and still lives there. 20 years, same place. So, she’d like to get out and have an “adventure” before settling down for two more years of school. She and I have always gotten along well– we are so similar at times that it’s scary. My mom will often give advice to her because, “Kelly went through that same thing”. And when she says that, she means it. The fact that we were able to do all of Jenny’s wedding decorations together without ever once fighting, disagreeing or hurting each other’s feelings is pretty remarkable.

Goofing off on our way to the Folsom wedding

So, after her sister Ellen’s wedding in July, Julie is packing up her stuff and driving on out here! She will be living with us, paying rent, helping with the baby and working. She’s pretty excited about getting a day job at Anthropologie (we have 3 within 20 min. of us!) and taking on a few piano students in the afternoon. She will also probably cover most of my students when I take my “3 month maternity hiatus” in the fall.

But we need to move. We only have 2 bedrooms, and my earlier “bright idea” of making the huge 8×9 walk in closet into a baby room were shattered the minute I became pregnant and started having awful fears and nightmares about SIDS due to lack of air flow (there is no air vent). Just thinking about it had me walking around in a depressed fog, as I envisioned every awful scenario possible. Maybe we’ll change our minds, but no one has thought it was a good idea from the start.

Luckily, there could be some logistical good to come from this. If we have to move, I would REALLY LIKE IT TO BE THE LAST TIME. Please Lord. Until we leave Texas, can this be it? I’m begging this time.

One way to stack the odds in favor of never having to move again, is being close to Jesse’s job. It’s a good job with huge bonuses and generous benefits. It will probably be the last job he has in Texas, for however many years that is. It’s now the most reliable and daily part of our lives. My piano business is semi-reliable, but I have no idea how it will evolve once the baby comes.

Yes, if we already have to uproot, getting closer to Jesse’s job sounds like a good idea. There’s also the additional benefit of getting a few miles north of our current location, because it is one of the worst areas of traffic in the entire metroplex. Remember one of my very first blog posts, as I battled my way for 2 hours through the sea of parked cars? Yes, I am, unfortunately, talking about this same exact section of road. Tons of construction, combined with 3 lanes funneling into 2, along with being right next to DFW, makes for an unbelievable bottleneck nightmare. When Jesse got stuck with an 8-5 shift, he had to leave 40-50 minutes to go 14 miles. And the worst of it is the 2 mile stretch a few minutes north of us. Plus, there is no public transportation for this area of the metroplex, although they’re working on it.

But if we moved? No more dealing. And, depending on how close, Jesse will probably be able to come home for most of his hour lunch break every day! I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful that sounds.

And…depending on how close…we might be able to get rid of all but one car! How close, you ask? Well, I found a wonderful complex, literally 200 feet away from the front door of Jesse’s work. Yup, 200 feet. Hello, one car family! Hello, low insurance! Hello, low gas costs! Plus, it would be nice to know that Jesse is only 200 feet away if I go into labor in the middle of the day.

We’ll see what happens. If Julie somehow ends up not moving (although she already gave notice at her current job and is flying out in 3 weeks to “scout the area”), we will end up staying where we are, and it will be a blessing. If we have to move, however, I will be using one of those “U Move Free” sites, along with depending mostly on Julie to help me pack and unpack.

But please, be in prayer for us. We don’t want to make an emotional decision, we want to make a smart one. We have things we need to prepare for in the future, as I explained earlier, and getting our loans paid off in the next year or two is of utmost priority. Jobs seem to be, ironically, the best way to do this 🙂

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