Mary Mary Quite Contrary

This post is dedicated to the first day of summer!

Remember these little dudes? My squash seedlin’s?

April 7th, just 4 days before Anthony was born

Last we checked, they were doing fine in their new homes:

End of April

Well, wouldya get a look at them now?

yowza! Just 2 months later!

3 more just like this

Then, we have a couple new kids on the block:

Zuchinni seedling on the left was started in May. The one on the right was store-bought, for comparison. I could be biased, but it looks like mine is better

A few tomato plants. The one I started from seed is in the middle, the two on the outside were store-bought seedlings that someone gave us


Also part of our merry band are the tropical plants that I was given at graduation. They were used to decorate at the reception, but they needed someone to take them home! I obliged.

windowsill cuties

If I can find the time to transport them, we will be borrowing a few half wine barrels from Brooke to plant a few more seedlings that my uncle grew for us. Preferably, I’d like to have a couple different kinds of peppers– none of my seedlings sprouted 🙁

We won’t get a ton of produce this year, but I think it’s pretty good, considering I just had a baby AND we moved!

Also, considering my past gardening attempts, at best, looked like this!

Spring 2011


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