Mac and Cheese Birthday Party #2

Last night was my 2nd annual “Mac and Cheese Birthday Party”, where everyone brought their favorite version of macaroni and cheese. I have sooo much leftover in my fridge, it’s the awesome result of 6 casserole size dishes! Nearly all of our friends were able to make it– the Unruhs, the newly-wed Folsoms, the Gaspards, Doug Gallimore, Karen, and even my friend Tiffany who has been with me in all of my classes at UD. We played Pit, a card game I got for Christmas, sang along with some old Newsboys and Jars of Clay songs, and watched James and Anna do the FUNNIEST little baby dances (let’s just say, Anna was a sumo-squatter and James was a ballerina/shark).
I’m so grateful that everyone was able to make it, especially on a Friday night after a long day at work!! Happy Birthday to me!!

The mac and cheese birthday cake that Debbie (Doug's wife) made for me!

The heart shaped cake that Karen made me! Lovelove!

Jesse also made me a "Volcanic Explosion Cake". Otherwise known as "crumbly Red Velvet Cake". But it tasted gooooooddd!!

Six different kinds of mac and cheese on ONE plate!!! Too awesome for words...

Playing Pit, one of my favorite card games. Jenny cleaned house.

We were testing the automatic camera angle, when Katie got violent

All together!

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  • cornerofnoandwhere

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, Kelly! Wish I could have been there, but glad you had a great time!

    (Am I the only one who always seems to hear Gus the mouse’s voice from Cinderella (Disney’s animated version) every time someone yells surprise and/or happy birthday?)