Anthony’s Birthday Party!

Last Saturday, we had a family birthday party for Anthony. We told everybody to bring trucks/cars as presents, since they are his favorite right now! He also got a tree swing (can’t wait to put it up!), a xylophone, a drum, and a few outfits!

It was a beautiful day for a party!

It was a beautiful day for a party!

Anthony's 1st Birthday 27

Some of the beautiful women in our family

Anthony's 1st Birthday 28

Remember that awesome tortilla soup I keep talking about? We had that, along with cheesey garlic bread and salad.

Anthony's 1st Birthday 35

Anthony’s dump truck cake (funny enough, Gregory received this particular dump truck for HIS first birthday!)


Anthony's 1st Birthday 2

The eager birthday boy, waiting for his cake!

Anthony's 1st Birthday 5

Clapping in anticipation

Anthony's 1st Birthday 18

He showed that cake who was boss!


Anthony's 1st Birthday 8

Momma and Dadda with the birthday boy!

Anthony's 1st Birthday 39

Everyone that came (minus Gordon, who was taking the picture)

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