GAPS Recipes That We are LOVING

5 Favorite GAPS Diet Recipes

When I first started on the GAPS (gut-healing) diet a few weeks ago, I was extremely skeptical as to how things would taste and how on earth I was supposed to find anything that actually made me feel full. After all, we are also abstaining from meat.  In addition, dairy, grains, nuts AND beans are all forbidden on the GAPS diet. What’s left, you might ask??

Coming from someone who eats vegan 40% of the year due to all the Orthodox fast days, along with having avoided gluten, chocolate and potato like the plague for almost 2 years, the fact that the GAPS diet is intimidating for me means that it probably is for a lot of other people too. I’m already used to thinking outside the box and getting creative, but this was a whole new ball game for me, folks.

Over the past few weeks, I have scoured Pinterest, and here are the best 5 recipes that I’ve come across so far. These 5 are tried and true, meaning that not only did me and my husband enjoy them, but our picky 4 and under crowd did as well! Not only that, but they were all very filling.

Here they are, ending with the BEST one (you’ve gotta try it).

#5 Roasted Garlic and Sweet Potato Soup:


Even the name sounds amazing, right? It is SO good.

#4 15 minute Miso Soup

miso soup

Gotta hand it to the Japanese, Miso soup is super yummy and soothing. We actually got a bunch of instant packets from Natural Grocers (our version of Whole Foods over here) for me to make a snack whenever I feel hungry.

#3 Sundried Tomato Alfredo “Pasta”

You can do almost anything with a spaghetti squash in hand. We did a variation on this the other night, and if you’re wary of eating cashews (again, I have to stay away from nuts for right now), Daiya cheese is a good alternative.  Doesn’t this look amazing?? Who knew that under 10g of carbs could look so good, right?

#2 Avocado Soup


This soup was so creamy and awesome. You can sub out the chicken broth for veggie broth, as always.


And the winner……(drumroll)…..


#1 Chicken and Cauliflower Fried Rice:

chicken cauliflower stir fry

I was skeptical that a bunch of cauliflower chopped up in the food processor could taste like rice, but it DOES! And it’s sooooo yummy. Salt is actually a good thing on the GAPS diet because it helps keep your electrolytes up, but they also sell low-sodium Tamari sauce if you want. By buying pre-cooked “Quorn” chicken to keep this vegan, and also microwaving our peas and carrots in a steamer bag, this recipe took around 15 minutes to make. So yummy, and so cheap!

Let me know if you try any of these recipes!

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