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Diet Coke in a locker


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a Diet Coke addict. I mentioned this to a friend yesterday, and he supplied me with this picture from HIGH SCHOOL, 13 years ago. See? Proof. My college roommate claims that I used to wake up and drink a soda with breakfast. Soda instead of water, basically.

Deep down, I always “knew” that diet sodas were about the worst thing I could put in my body, but it wasn’t until I watched this documentary that I was scared straight. Scared, as in, quit cold turkey the next day. I realized that the “DIE” in Diet is more literal than I had thought.

And it was HARD. I mean, for the first month after I gave up Diet Coke, I actually had dreams about driving through at McDonalds just to get a cold icey soda. Seriously?!

It has now been 1 year since I have had a DROP of Diet Coke. I think that I have had one or two diet sodas over the past twelve months, and that’s even enough to get me craving it again. It’s crazy how addictive diet soda is (spoiler alert: it’s not the caffeine that’s addictive!). I know that diet sodas are a slippery slope for me, and that I have to stay completely away from them.

Here’s to the rest of my life, remaining diet soda free!

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  • Hannah Terpstra

    haha awesome Kelly!! seriously good for you though. I know SOO many people who are seriously super addicted to Diet Coke!

    • Kelly Cone

      I knew it too, and I still couldn’t stop! I called it my “black poison”.

  • Maria G

    Congrats on making it a whole year! I also gave up diet pop about a year and a half ago and it was so hard at first! Lots of headaches the first couple months. But now every time I try one it just doesn’t taste the same! And it gives me bad heartburn. Crazy what that stuff does to our bodies!

    • Kelly Cone

      I wouldn’t know how it tastes anymore, but my memory of it is still good 🙂 Agh, even now, I still struggle with wanting it! I think the hot weather makes me want an icecold soda 🙂 Oh well, that’s why I have coffee!

  • Christina Wagenet

    Good for you!

    • Kelly Cone

      Thanks Christina!

  • Monique Abrahamsen

    Hi! Visiting from SITS. I try my very best not to drink any soda ever. I don’t buy it so it’s not around the house to tempt me. Growing up my mom only allowed us to drink water, milk and juice so I think that really helped me not get “hooked” on sodas. Good for you for staying off soda a full year!

    • Kelly Cone

      Yes, it’s better not to tempt ourselves and keep it out of the house!

  • Nicki Lewis

    I am the same way. Always say I am going to give it up soda go a few days and I am back to it. Usually I am good and can stick to one a day but jsut have not been able to totally kick it

    • Kelly Cone

      It’s tough! I had to psyche myself up for it 🙂

  • Julie Maguda

    I gave up all soda a long time ago and my teeth are thanking me for it! lol! Occasionally I still look at other people’s drinks while we are out and think “Man, that looks good” but I talk myself out of it. LOL I’m an Ice tea and water girl now