Dinner and a Movie

All of the girls at St. Seraphim decided it was time to get together somewhere other than church or the playground. So they all got babysitters and decided to hit the town- so to speak. Really, it was more like hit the mall.

But we hit it. We ate at PF Chang’s, a nice Chinese restaurant. From there, we went to see the infamous tear-jerker, Time Traveler’s Wife.

The evening was fun, although at first I felt intimidated. “I’m 23!” I kept thinking. “These people were starting Kindergarten when my parents got married! None of them would have EVER talked to me just a few years ago! Why am I all of a sudden considered, ‘One of them’?” Half of the group already own a house and have multiple kids. Heck, Lori (the mother of Lola, my god-daughter) has 4 kids, a huge house and a Masters degree! And she’s not even 30! I just didn’t feel like I was as important or successful.

But then I realized, when do you ever consider yourself “there”? I bet that none of these women woke up today thinking, “Yes! I get a 4.0 GPA in Reality!” There’s no definition for success once you’re out of a university setting. There’s just life.

There was only one awkward moment when an 65 year old Texas gentleman came up to the table and said, “Excuse me ladies, you all are looking mighty fine tonight, but you are NOT doing the gents any favors. You should be smilin’ at them as they walk by! Catchin’ their attention!

Katie was the first to respond: Oh no sir. We’re all married. Except for those 2! <pointing at Anne and Karen>

Karen: Way to throw us under the bus!

Anne: Yeah. Next time, we’re ALL married, k?


What wonderful beautiful women!

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