Addicted to Garage Sales

I have to admit, this addiction has long been dormant in me, made manifest in alternate deal-hunting ways, but it’s always been there.


Don’t blame me, it’s a mother/daughter thing. Ever since I was 5 years old, my mom and I would traverse every Saturday morning, making the rounds through the neighborhoods in our small town. She taught me how to dig through stacks of clothes, check for functional zippers and buttons and spot stains in likely places. I recall that I had a habit of collecting custom sticker labels and stashing them. And, since it was such a small town, we would often come back to the same house years later, usually because we knew that they had a son or daughter a few years older than Keith or I who would be getting rid of all their clothes again.

I haven’t had the time for garage sales in years, which is why I never discovered the absolute jewels sitting all around me here. Why? Because we live in the NICE part of the suburbs, CHALK FULL of people with small children and way too much money to spend. I also discovered that if you’re willing to go early on a Friday morning, there are TONS of deals!

To make my hunting more profitable, I go to the “garage sale” tab on Craigslist, type in “‘Friday Baby Boy”. 10-20 garage sales pop up with baby boy items, starting Friday morning. I pick the 3-4 closest to me, and it’s a one-way ticket to great deals!

Don’t believe me? Most of these are brand new with tags. All of them are from Baby Gap, Babies R Us,  and Children’s Place. Both garage sales that I went to today were neatly organized in bins or on hangers by sizes so that I didn’t even need to dig through stuff.

Lovin the cordoroy overalls on the right! You can’t see, but the inner lining matches the plaid on the shirt, and can be folded up at the cuffs

A thick, plush over-onesie for the 30 degree days we have in Dec.-March. These go for $40 in the store. It’s sized 3-6 months…hope it fits! And YES! THOSE ARE LITTLE BEAR EARS!!!

Cowboy sleeper, football slippers, and a Bear Hoodie and pants

Best deals ever! I’ve decided I’m in love with little boys overalls. The left ones have airplanes and a matching hoodie. The middle is a winter outfit, with snowmen and matching turtleneck. The right is Dinosaurs.

How much did I pay for everything, total? $20. With these prices, maybe I can afford to have a well dressed baby!! So excited for a baby boy!!

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