Today I got to do my heroic duty to society. Tonight, whilst on my way home from work I used my cell phone to call 911.

It happened while I was on the freeway. I was driving along, de-toxing from a long day at work by listening to the radio, when all of a sudden there was a white mustang, weaving in and out of the lanes. Usually when this happens, it’s some hot shot, going a 100 miles an hour.

Only…. the car was going slower than a bike rider. “Gosh,” I thought. “If you’re going to take up a few lanes swerving all around, at LEAST go fast!” Actually, I didn’t have time to think this, seeing as I was forced to suddenly veer sharply onto the shoulder of the freeway to avoid slamming into his rear bumper.

As I passed, I saw the problem. The person’s hood was flat up against their windshield!

Now, if this, “ZERO VISABILITY” thing happened to me while I was on the freeway where powerful machines are known for going over the speed limit, I would pull over. But NO! This person had their blinker on, headed for the middle of the freeway! Why???

I looked in my rearview mirror. I could see cars swerving and careening around the “deadbeat”.

So I did my civic duty. I called 911.

For the record, dispatch centers in Texas are a million times better. The guy answered on the first ring, called me “Ma’am” with his lovely Southern drawl, and sent me on my way with a thanks and “we’ll get right on that”. What a sharp contrast to the time I almost ran over a wandering drunk naked guy harassing parked cars on Whittier Blvd and got put on HOLD for 1/2 hr.!! Dear me, good thing I wasn’t on fire!

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  • http://www.shelbymanor.wordpress.com nyx

    wait wait wait….wandering drunk naked guy? why have i never heard about this story?

    also kudos for the civic duty thing…i hate being put on hold in LA….or getting the answering machine (well, a we are too busy so here is a recorded message, call back later)… are you and the car okay from going on the shoulder?