$5 Burlap Door Wreath

$5 DIY Wreath

It’s happened. Fall has come to life, and so has my crafting urge. There’s something about cool weather that just makes me want to curl up inside, get out my fabrics or yarns, and create, you know?

I’ve wanted a door wreath for a long time, but then I get so overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Which colors? Which materials? How much should I spend? Would it be cheaper just to buy one pre-made?

And then there’s seasonal wreaths on top of it all. Is one supposed to have a Christmas one? A Thanksgiving one? A Halloween one? An Easter one? WHAT TO DO??? And where are you supposed to store all of these seasonal decorations (especially when you don’t have a garage like us)??

A door wreath is actually not that big of a deal.

I am aware of this.

There are more important things in life.

I mean, I should really be trying to figure out how much Baileys to use in my decaf at night (does it really count as a “drink” if it’s in a coffee mug?), or whether scotch tape can be used to put a 2 year old’s diaper back together (spoiler alert: n-o-o-o-p-e).

Perhaps my absolutely strict and tight budget are to blame for me finally deciding to pull the trigger. When you have just a few dollars to spend, a door wreath can become about the challenge, instead of about Martha Stewart perfection. I only had $5 to give to this project, so whenever the “well, what if I–” popped up, I ignored it in favor of my budget. Only having $5 to spend really keeps one moving towards the finish line!

I wanted this $5 wreath to be color neutral as well, so I went with a burlap door wreath. As the seasons change, I’ve decided to swap out a few extra tidbits here and there to spice it up. That way, I only have to make ONE wreath for ALL the seasons! Winning!!!

But how did I do this whole thing for $5?

Well, the wreath base came from a burst of inspiration whilst browsing the dollar store. They had all these tacky Fall wreaths in the Thanksgiving section, and I thought to myself, wouldn’t that wreath look nice if it didn’t have all of that ugly stuff on it? And then it dawned on me, for $1, why not give it a try?

So I brought the tacky $1 twig wreath home and ripped off the ugly scarecrow (I gave it to Gregory for him to light on fire) and the faker than fake fall leaves. After peeling off the huge gobs of glue, it was a blank circle of twigs, ready for me to decorate! And for just $1!

Burlap flowers

I made the burlap roses in under 10 minutes using this burlap rose tutorial, with scraps of burlap, white fabric, and felt from my sewing kit. I then bought the “C” letter from Hobby Lobby for $1.67 and the ribbon for $2 (all ribbon was half off!). There’s a ton left for me to use with other projects too! I hung it with some twine.

So, there you have it! My lovely front door wreath. Isn’t she just adorbs?

Burlap Door Wreath

Here she is with some fall jewelry.

Fall Burlap Wreath

While I was on my crafty spree today, I also whipped up a bouquet of burlap roses to use on our dining room table.  Love Love!

Burlap Rose Bouquet

Burlap Flower Bouquet

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  • http://www.allthevs.com/ Stephanie Volkert

    Looks better than a premade one if you ask me!