Endearing Moment with Mirabelle

It’s happened. Mirabelle gave us an endearing moment.

One of our “traditions” is taking Claire on a leisurely half-mile walk around the apartment complex. There are all sorts of trails, so it’s like hiking through the woods. We go at night, because all is peaceful and beautiful. Oh, and not as BLAZING hot.

One of our favorite paths

As we left our door today, Claire on her leash, Mirabelle came up out of the bushes. She spends most of her days outdoors now, because she prefers it and so do we. Usually, she’ll run in for a few hours a day to nap, eat and drink. We think she’s made a friend with a white/tan cat that runs around outside, because we hear loud meowing at our door once she’s been inside for a while.

And don’t worry. Unlike our dog, Mirabelle has had all of her “lady parts” removed. We couldn’t run the risk of her bearing offspring. It’d be like Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, only with crazy felines. I made that mistake once, back when I was a kid, by letting my retarded rat, Ethel, have babies. 2 of them actually committed suicide by jumping off high things and drowning in buckets of water. The other 4 liked to bite small children. No offspring, thank you. We’ll let The Crazy die with her.

Anyways, Mirabelle ran up to us and gave Claire a “nose kiss”. They have become better friends as of late, mainly because Claire isn’t always up in her face demanding attention. Hey, I’d be cranky if I had a dog barking in my face as I was napping!

As we kept walking, Mirabelle followed us. I thought for sure she’d run off and do her own thing, but she trotted right alongside us the entire way! Occasionally, she’d come up and give a friendly nudge to Claire, but for the most part she stayed a few feet behind or ahead of us. She even ignored a few bunny rabbits that bounded across the path.

When we got back to our front door 15 minutes later, she didn’t want to come inside– just leisurely sat down, as if to say, “Just wanted to spend a few minutes with you guys. Now I’ll go back to My Thing.” It was really cute.

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  • http://cornerofnoandwhere.wordpress.com/ Christine

    Are you sure this was Mirabelle?! Maybe they’re growing catnip somewhere on the apartment complex, because that cat sounds WAY too mellow to be Mirabelle (even before the TX move – at least from my visists with her; i didn’t have quite the amount of bonding time with her as others did). 🙂 😉

    Does this make the decision about the barn move easier? (seeing as how she aparently likes the solitary outdoors)