$30 Bathtub Makeover

Bathtub 1

When we bought our house a few months ago, we made peace with the fact that both bathrooms were smaller than we’d like. Our downstairs bathroom had been completely gutted and replaced by a waterproofing specialist contractor prior to our move in, but the upstairs one had some original fixtures remaining, mainly, the bathtub.

After a month or two, the bottom of the tub started to peel. We also began to notice (check this out if another post) the mold/staining on some of the window caulking.

Bathtub 3

Neither of us are in the mood for a full-scale bathroom remodel. We have other things that need our money and attention, after all. But a peeling bathtub and unsightly caulking were hard to live with.

Bathtub 8

After reading a few reviews and also contacted bathtub reglazing in toms river NJ. After which we took our chances on this $30 Rustoleum product. It’s a bit hard to work with, I will warn you, so DEFINITELY wear gloves and have lots of ventilation!

Bathtub 6

But for $30, the results are SO worth it!

Bathtub 2

As for the caulking, I tried a white caulking marker, and got nuthin’. Then, I tried a paste made mostly of baking soda and a little bleach, and after five minutes of work using an old toothbrush, leaving it overnight to soak, and voila! Bad staining 90% gone!

Bathtub 7


If anyone is looking for a cheap/quick bathtub refresh, I would definitely recommend this process! Once we got the hang of the epoxy, it was pretty quick (although the smell is STRONG!). And the baking soda scrub down couldn’t have been easier.


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  • desilou

    WOW! That is a huge difference on the bathtub. Looks like a fantastic and inexpensive way to get the bathroom back in working order 🙂

    • themrscone