What’s Your Spring Cleaning Routine?

Spring Cleaning Flowers

I have a huge confession to make– I’m 28 years old, and I never really understood the “spring cleaning” mania that sweeps the internet (and now, Pinterest) every year.

But now that I have 4 MESSY MESSY boys who have been sick off and on most of this winter? I GET IT. Call me a believer. I feel the need to air out and clean everything in sight, almost nonstop. It’s driving me nuts. I clean the kitchen baseboards, which reminds me to polish the hardwoods, which reminds me that the carpet smells bad over there, which reminds me that we need to clean under the couches…

So, to keep my mind from spinning out of control, I’ve compiled a list of “Must-Dos”, room by room. Please please PLEASE feel free to leave advice in the comments– like I said, I’m very new to “spring cleaning”, and know there must be easier or better ways to do things. If you want to see some of the cleaning methods I have pinned, you are welcome to see my “Around the House” board.

Living Room:

Scrub/clean the couches

Wipe down the baseboards and window sills

Beat our rug, let air freshen outside

Wash all pillow covers

Clean out/declutter bookshelves

Polish the wood on the piano (no idea how!) and get it tuned

Clean the windows

Rotate our toys

Clean carpets



Clean the outside of the kitchen cabinets, using a degreaser

Seal grout on my backsplash (still haven’t done!…)

Clean out the fridge and organize with baskets DONE

Clean out the pantry and organize with more baskets

Add microwave DONE

Replace lightbulb

Do a cleanout rinse of dishwasher

Clean our stainless sink

Get hard water deposits off of glasses

Replace our 8+ year old pots and pans with a greener alternative (something we’ve wanted to do for a while…should we go copper? Stainless? All cast iron?)


Laundry Room:

Touch up paint

Deep clean the floor


Organize DIY tools

Organize school papers and books into hutch

Do a clean out rinse of washer

Update filing system

Weather stripping under door


Downstairs Bedroom:

Lost cause while the boys are living here. Maybe. Probably. Should I even attempt it?


Upstairs Master Bedroom:

Clean our mattress with baking soda, let air freshen

Clean carpet

Clean out closet and sell or give to thrift store DONE!

Clean out shoes and give to thrift store

Collect dry cleaning/tailor items and take them in

Clean out accumulating cosmetics and medicines

Wash/whiten our pillows

Planter boxes on balcony


Boys Upstairs Bedroom:

Organize their summer clothes DONE!

Switch out sizes in the drawers

Wipe down walls and baseboards

Clean mattresses with On Guard oils DONE

Clean carpet

Get AJ a toddler bed?



Take a pumice stone to mineral deposits in toilets

Clean shower heads with vinegar and lemon

Take an eraser to areas of walls and baseboards

Deep clean shower and floor

Make a homemade diffuser using my EOs



Add another planter bed with silver sage and lavendar DONE!

Till the soil in our garden beds

Plant seedlings in cups (although nothing’s happened yet…)

Sow lawn seed over bare patches

Add paver stones and pea gravel to our pathway DONE

Replace any dead plants in other garden beds

Power wash/sweep deck

Frame and add our garage door

Give away old toys



Organize our garage (halfway done as of yesterday!)

Consolidate our DIY materials and tools

Consolidate the kids art supplies into ONE container


All right guys, I really mean it– you will NOT be insulting me if you tell me how I could be doing any of this better. Please, leave me as many tips as you can. I will be eternally grateful!


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  • http://www.stephbrownthinks.blogspot.com Steph

    I love spring cleaning:) I basically start at the ceiling clearing any cobwebs and work my way down, ceiling fans (remove and wash the glass lamp shade things and bulbs too), washing the walls where needed, light switches, windows screens and tracks, baseboards. Move all the furniture and clean under it. Wash all the curtains, pillows, take the blinds off and wash those. Clean the oven, under and behind all kitchen appliances. I don’t really have a routine it’s basically just clean and freshen everything while decluttering and donating as much as possible:) I use this time to touch up paint and make notes of any repairs that should be done (tighten curtain rods, re-calk bathrooms/kitchen, replace lightbulbs, fix door squeaks etc etc). I run kids toys, glass shades from fans/lights, vases and whatever decorative items I can through the dishwasher.

    • themrscone

      Running stuff through the dishwasher! Great idea!

  • Steph

    And renting a carpet cleaner from lowes/Home Depot is really worth it too. I’m pretty good about immediately cleaning anything that spills and taking our shoes off and I vacuum at least once a day…. But you would not believe how dirty the water gets when I use the rental thing. I think they’re around $30. I do it 2-3 times a year and am thoroughly disgusted by how dirty the carpet is each time.

    • themrscone

      Agreed! We always borrow my sister in law’s carpet cleaner. I’ve been wanting to make my own cleaning solution, but we’ll see.

  • http://www.afterelevenblog.com Whitney Cramer

    I just finished my spring cleaning last week. seriously, such a hard work out – haha. I’m talkin’ “ceiling fans, baseboards, wipe down walls, etc…” so I feel ya on this list! Thankfully the weather was nice enough for me to have the windows open while I was cleaning too, it just lets all the fresh air in and the toxins OUT!

    • themrscone

      I know what you mean! I love opening the windows and letting the fresh air in! I tried turning off the lights today and only using natural light.