The Texas Conspiracy Part 2

Well, it is time to commence with the end of my story. I will make it brief, seeing as 40 hrs. a week is definetly taking it’s toll!

So there I was, standing outside Dallas Presbyterian without an umbrella. Actually, I should say that I was running, for I heard somewhere that if you run, the raindrops can’t catch up to you. Don’t look at me, it’s Science! (that was for you, Buddy).

Anyways, the interview was everything that an interview should be, probably the best one that I have ever experienced. The doctor was a sweet Christian man who fights abortion in his spare time (we managed to talk about this for like forever!). The nurses were all sweet and courteous. The benefits package was sweet- 100% covered and paid for dental and medical. Of course, this is to be expected when you work private practice in a hospital. This is so they can avoid: “Hi, I’m Kelly. Don’t shake my hand, I have gangrene.”
2 hrs. after I left, the Dr. called me and personally offered me the job, starting at 40k/year. It was too perfect.

And I turned it down! For some inexplicable reason, after 24 hrs. of intense deliberation, God told me very clearly that I was supposed to stay with my prior commitment to Melodie. After talking to her again, it seemed that we could get things situated such that all of my work/driving would be consolidated to Tues./Thurs. days and Mon./Wed. evenings so that I could get a MWF parttime job. Not that I had one or anything, but hey, that’s why it’s called Faith!

When I told Jesse, he was flabbergasted. He had a hard time seeing my rational in turning down what looked like a total Godsend. “Come on Jesse”, I said, “it’s not every day that you get to throw a perfect opportunity in the dumpster!!! Look how fun and totally wise this is!” <insert a toss of the ponytail >.

For some reason, I just knew that I had to trust God’s leading in this area. I knew that He didn’t give me a love for teaching just to go sit in an office on the phone with insurance companies. I knew that He would provide, and that until he did, I would just have to settle with making only five hundred dollars a week for the two of us. We would be poor, broke, but hey, there would be piano music!!!

No less than 24 hrs. later, God handed me the perfect part time MWF job I had always wanted- teaching 11th grade American Lit. I had my interview last Friday, and started on Monday. At first, I am subbing for a teacher who just had a tumor removed from his lung. Once he is back from recovery, they are dividing their English classes in two so that I can teach 3 of them. Here’s the school website, if you want to see it:

So there it is. I did what was potentially one of the stupidest things in my life only to find out that it was one of the smartest. I have exactly the type of resume building job that I need for my career, and I am now making more than I would have at the Medical Office. Plus, this way I don’t have to work for a Monkey Doctor!! (Gynecologist for those of you that don’t know my strangely acquired terminology:)

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