Something To Make The Californians Vomit

So, there’s this town about 10 minutes south of where we are currently living. For people in Dallas, this town of Arlington is known as the “trashier” side of the Dallas suburbs. What they mean by this is that it doesn’t have an award-winning school district and has a “higher” crime rate (which means that they have a couple car break-ins every year). They also have a higher Hispanic population. In truth, it’s just another version of Whittier, but with lots more trees. This is also the town where they are building the new Cowboys Stadium next to the Six Flags.

Due to these factors, Arlington prices are cheap. I’ve always known this, but I decided to actually do a home search a few weeks ago. And I just have to hear stories about all the vomit you will produce once you see this.

How about a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath condo with a garage and 900 sq. ft.? How much would you guess this costs??




True, this kitchen is a bit small..

True, this kitchen is a bit small..

Wanna try…………

Did you guess??


Yup. Less than an SUV. Including property tax and insurance, the monthly payment for this condo would be $300.

Barfing yet?

Let’s say you don’t want a condo- how about a house?

Now, of course, houses cost a little bit more. But you get a nice big yard and stuff, so it’s worth it. How about a 3 bedroom, 2 Bath 1400 sq. ft. house?



How much….hmmm….how about $74,000?? That, of course, would bring the total house payment up to a whopping $600/mo.

And now I will leave you to throw up and wish you lived in Dallas 🙂

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  • Tess

    You should be the host of the Price is Right, after Bob Barker steps down of couse. You just need to practice the phrase, “Tell them what they’ve won!”