It’s A…


Two weeks ago, we headed in for the 20 week anatomy/gender scan at my midwife/OB’s office.

Within 30 seconds, before Jesse had even realized we’d begun, there HE was! Very definitively, a boy was staring down at us. He was so wiggly and squirmy!! Hands and legs were flying EVERYWHERE  (which definitely correlates with what I’ve been feeling at all hours of the day since a Week 14!).


Our baby boy was as healthy as can be, even measuring close to a week ahead of schedule. We are still praying for a close to due date birth, however, since Jesse gets out of teaching school for Christmas break just a few days prior. An early birth would make things a bit complicated! Both of my other boys were right on time, but this one has already been such a wild card, so who knows?


Many people have asked if I am sad, since I really wanted a girl and this has already been such a tough pregnancy. Funny enough, just days prior to this ultrasound I was rotating the boys’ seasonal clothing and putting into storage all the ones that no longer fit. I suddenly became extremely sad, wondering if I would ever have another little boy to put in them! I knew that if this was a girl, I would have a hard time convincing myself to have any more (biologically, that is. We still plan on adopting).

And it’s pretty hard to wish that someone you’re meeting could be someone else. What I mean is, once I saw that little guy up on the screen, to wish him a girl seemed as ludicrous as wishing G or AJ were a girl. There HE was. Perfect. Why would I wish any different?

I do not relish the thought of an eventual 4th pregnancy, given how poorly my body seems to be handling this one. But I do hope that the rest goes smoothly. In the future, I would hope that I could get on the Zofran the second I get that positive test, and avoid the “snowball effect” of other health issues I encountered that first trimester. image

For now, I am relishing the idea of being a Boy Mom. We have so much fun together! We are a packed house, full of Legos, transformers, running around, laughter, robot noises, and teepee-book-reading. My boys bring so many joyful moments to me day in and out, and I look forward to adding another sweet boy to our mix.


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