House Tour: Kitchen Facelift ALMOST done!

Kitchen Backsplash After 11

I usually do these house tour posts on Saturdays, but I was too excited to wait another day. So, here it is! Semi-complete! All that we have left is the under cabinet lighting and a stainless microwave on the shelf!

Remember the before?

Valle Kitchen After

Remember the empty area above the dishwasher?

Kitchen Remodel Before 1

Look at it now! All grown up!

Kitchen Backsplash after 9


Kitchen Backsplash after 7


Kitchen Backsplash after 4


Kitchen Backsplash after 5


Remember the stove side before?

Valle kitchen after 2


Now, it’s all pretty!

Kitchen Backsplash after 3


Kitchen Backsplash after 6


The “during” process was a little scary at times.


Kitchen Backsplash Side 2 almost done


Yes, see that hole over in the corner? I texted Jesse this picture with the caption, “So, things are going well.”

Kitchen Backsplash Side 2 uhoh hole


Now, a few closeups of my handiwork! Yes, I said MY handiwork! So proud, I am 🙂

Kitchen Backsplash after 1


And here is the window frame I built! The upper right corner could’ve been a bit more precise, but for a first timer, I’m happy with it…for now 😉


Kitchen Backsplash after 10


One more parting shot, shall we?

Kitchen Backsplash after 2

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  • Franchesca

    Oh this is so beautiful and very exciting. I love that window frame and how it looks so fresh and clean!

    • themrscone

      Thanks, friend! I can’t believe I did it myself!!!

  • Whitney Cramer

    wow! y’all seriously did an awesome job! way to go! and you did that backsplash?!! NICE! women can do it! haha.

    • themrscone

      Haha, funny you should say that. My 10 year old foster son was like, “Girls can’t do that kind of stuff, you’re going to mess up” and I was like, “Oh, but watch me. And you’re grounded.”

  • Lena

    Lovely! Have I told you yet that I have the same table clothe?

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

    • themrscone

      Haha! Target is the best, right? 🙂