This is not only our very first family blog, but mine as well. So, basically, you will have to bear with me because I don’t know any of the “blogging” rules. But I do know how to tell stories. And we have good ones to tell. And you love us!

Hopefully, that’s enough:)

And if it’s not, to start us off here are some old pictures I thought were fun. You know, because today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND ALL!!!!!

A picture from our wedding:


3 years ago, Spring Banquet 2004

3 years ago

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This makes my day

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  • the honeycutts

    We think you two are on the road (literally) to a great adventure in life and marriage… a new life…well, a new home, area, job and study and new friendships. Don’t forget where you originated but rejoice in your new discoveries together and your ONE year together married. God has graced you with wrestling capabities (mental and emotional muscles) and you seem to do a great job of working things out together. We are blessed by your union. Happy Anniversary J and K.

  • http://evangerfireside.wordpress.com Tim-bo

    Yay Coneheads! I’m glad to hear ya’ll like Texas. We all like you:)

  • knotquiteawake

    Great post, well written, informative.