Get ready…

…to laugh your face off. Have you ever seen collegiate a cappella groups perform? Don’t ask how I just discovered them, but they’re HILARIOUS!!!

Yale’s group, performing Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. Last 60 seconds are the BEST!

UC Berkeley’s group, “Noteworthy” performing Lady Gaga

I’m not gonna lie, you are going to be creeped out and impressed all at the same time with this one. The short Asian guy from the first video has recorded himself 7 TIMES singing all 7 PARTS to a Michael Jackson Medley. Yup, they’re all him!! His name is Sam Tsui, and he has a few songs on Itunes. It gets especially impressive when he starts singing “Beat It” at 2.30.

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  • Hope

    holy smokes. maybe something’s wrong with me, but i’m only impressed.
    i do wish he’d done the part of the guy on the far left, though. that was the only dead area on the stage.