Geico is finally earning their money and doing their job. They towed our car to a different repair shop and have a preliminary quote. The car isn’t totalled! The repairs will come to $8k, at least, but it’s doable. That’s good news, actually. The more I’ve looked around, the more I was convinced the Corolla was the right option for our family. The trunk is the same size as most of the crossovers we were considering, plus you can’t beat the 40 mpg or the fact that Toyotas hold their value FOREVER. And the car loan we got 2 years ago was unbeatable– 0% APR. That would’ve been hard to get again.

Since it’s gonna take at least 3 weeks to fix, I just need to find a way for them to ship it to us. The Geico agent agreed that we could go after this lady’s insurance (once they declare her responsible) for the cost of getting it to CA, without any skin off our back. This is also great news! It was gonna cost us $120 to rent the towing equipment to attach to the truck, plus the extra $400 it was gonna cost in gas mileage for the extra weight.

Also, our insurance agent took our old carseat plus the receipt from the new one, plugged in the claim, and is having headquarters send us a full reimbursement check. Basically, we got to trade our hand-me-down infant seat (I know…you’re judging me I’m sure…but it came from a dear friend at church who promised it had never been in an accident!) for a brand new Britax, all for free! Score!

In other news…it is soo hard to pack with a crazy renegade toddler on the loose. Today, he’s tried to eat cat poop (who knows how he got a hold of that! grossest moment of my day), gotten his head stuck between a chair and a box (such pitiful wailing!), and torn up a few pages of a book. Every few moments, he’s in a new spot in the living room, climbing up on chairs (yes, he can climb…Lord have mercy), grabbing and pulling, you name it.

Also, today he finally stood by himself!

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