Ever Heard of “The Bin”?

What I Wore thrift store 1

What I’m about to say might make you a little angry.

I scored the entire outfit above– shoes, purse, shirt and jeans– for under $5.

What I Wore thrift store 2

Shirt: Anthropologie (thrifted)/ Jeans: Levi’s Superlow Bootcut (thrifted, size 3 for reference)/ Purse: Hurley/ Shoes: Converse

What I Wore thrift store 3

What the what???

Ever heard of these magical stores called, “The Bin”? They are an offshoot of Goodwill, only, they just put all the stuff into giant bins for YOU to sort through. The entire store is a warehouse, filled with dumpster bins and sorting tables. There are no hangers, price tags, or shelves. Just giant piles to sort through.

Many people wear gloves, and, I’ll admit, “bin” shopping is not for the faint of heart.

But the pay-off is incredible. And the prices are cheap because they charge you $2/pound instead of per item. This means that you could get four or five light weight shirts for $2.

How much did my sister, mom and I find?

How about $90 worth!

Don’t worry, not all of it was “just” for us. We also found a Thomas the Tank Engine sleeping bag, two Halloween costumes (Thomas and Spiderman– an odd combo!), and about 15 items for me to sell on eBay, including THREE shirts from Anthropologie, a pair of True Religion jeans, a Lands End down feather jacket, and 2 more pairs of designer jeans. And a pair of Toms. I mean, seriously guys, this was one of those thrift store trips that we will forever be bragging about.20141013_154207-1I I even got the purse and the converse shoes (which I was able to wash, don’t worry!)– all of it, under $5.

What I Wore converse

A little bit of stain on the toes- nothing a little magic marker won’t cure!

IMG_2047You should know, fashion runs in our family. Tonight, we realized that Gregory was a character straight from Portlandia. Check it out.

Gregory emo kid


And here is another. You can also see a fuzzy version of AJ in the background. Ah, 2nd born. No spotlight for the next 14 years, kiddo.

Gregory with bucket


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  • ThatMamaGretchen

    I love the bins! My mom and I go often and have found some amazing treasures!!!

    • http://www.ourconezone.com Kelly Cone

      You’re so stylish and thrifty, I should’ve known, Gretchen!

  • Vicky Mason

    Oh my goodness! I have never heard of the bins! I do love thrifting. What great finds!!!

    Come link up with Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!




    • http://www.ourconezone.com Kelly Cone

      Thanks, Vicky! I will!

  • http://www.artworkbyjm.com/ Julie @ Artwork by JM

    What the what?!?!?! WOW! I’m so jealous! I wish we had one of those near me! Now I’m going to be google searching trying to find one. haha! I love thrifting

    • http://www.ourconezone.com Kelly Cone

      Julie, I will try to post a link that I have about all the different locations.