DIY Plans


Back when we were in escrow on our new TX house, we did what every prudent buyer does and had a home inspection completed. The list of things that needed fixing was small, but all the items were necessary. Luckily, we were able to get a couple thousand back from the buyer in order to complete some of them.

In an effort to save money, we have been venturing deep in the DIY waters. We (okay, Jesse) have already replaced the toilet, fixed the leaking shower, and, just today, added two exterior electrical outlets (there were none on the outside– a problem when you have an electrical car!). One of our good friends used to be an electrician, and he and his wife came over for around 5 hours this afternoon to help us out for free (well, I did make them a kick-a dinner). I gotta say…pretty glad that we didn’t end up having to attempt something like that for the first time on our own!

Then, I had another church friend pick up five garden beds for me from Craigslist! I’m so excited to get growing, although the thought of filling 5 giant garden beds full of seedlings is kind of daunting.

On our list, we also have to DIY some sort of garage and driveway to come from the alley in the back, along with adding on a family room at the back of the house (although I think we’re gonna have to pay a contractor to do most of that!). We have many DIY plans, as you can see (would you look at that big backyard?), but most of them are going to have to wait until summer vacation. We just took care of the necessities for now.

We are currently tossing out the idea of eventually getting chickens OR a dog. Or both! (don’t get mad, Jesse!). What’s your vote?

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3 Year Anniversary

  • Kell

    Chickens and dogs serve very different purposes, so I’d say it depends what you want. We have 8 hens that we got as a day-old chicks. We love fresh eggs, and the kids have named them, but that’s about the end of their interaction with them. The dogs, on the other hand, are part of our family. They go hiking with us, spend most of their time in the house with us, and are best friends with our kids. We have a black lab and a st. bernard/great dane cross. Love our creatures! (We also have a bunny, two goats, and two horses.)

    • Kelly Cone

      Sounds like my eventual goal (minus the horses, no room here for that!).