Gregory has been surprising me with how well he can use his hands and fingers to do whatever it is he wants. I have to be careful what he’s in reach of, because he can now “see” something, and not only get to it, but also pick it up, usually on the first try.

This is bad news while I’m feeding him, for example. His Bumbo chair sits on our table, and he grabs at our vase, the washcloth next to me, claps his hands together ON the spoonful of guacamole…such a messy boy!

He can also hold his own bottle, most of the time 🙂

Also, he’s become VERY aware of Claire. Sometimes, before I’ve realized it, he’s reached over from where I’m holding him on the couch to where she is beside me and pulls her ears or her fur, HARD. She yelps and reacts towards his hand. I’m really afraid that she’s going to bite back, one of these days…any advice?

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