Christmas and Heartwarming Flash Mob Footage!

Our foster boys absolutely loved Christmas. The moment we got into the car to drive to their extended family, they asked if we could do it all over again. The older one immediately noticed the North Star in the sky (which was shining unusually bright) and said, “Look! It’s the Christ Star! Everyone is worshipping Him!” I definitely teared up.

Christmas 2013 in pjs

Not many people would put pictures of themselves in their pjs on Christmas, but my sister and I were so excited about our new Target pjs that we couldn’t resist. If I was wearing makeup and braces, we’d totally look like twins, no?


Through a roundabout turn of events, we ended up celebrating a majority of our Christmas on Christmas Eve. My mom is a nurse and it was her turn to work the Christmas Day shift. We also were scheduled to take our two foster boys to spend this week with their extended family, so we had to open gifts early.It was actually a lot of fun to shake things up and do things completely different this year! We go to Divine Liturgy every Christmas Day morning anyways, so we never have the “traditional” Christmas morning anyways.

For the past several years, my extended family on MY side has had the tradition of getting together on Christmas Eve, eating a nice meal (my cousin-in-law is a professional chef) and exchanging gifts by means of a “nice” White Elephant gift game.

Turns out, all my Aunt has wanted for the past several years is a flash mob. Seriously, that’s what she’s wanted as a Christmas gift! She thinks they’re the coolest things ever.

My younger cousin decided that this was the year to make it happen for her. She choreographed a dance and taught it to everyone the day before. In the middle of opening presents, she gave a verbal cue to my brother who turned on Abba’s “Dancing Queen”. And then, everyone was dancing. She laughed/cried the entire time and was very touched by it all.

Go ahead and watch this super sweet 2 minute video. You will love it 🙂

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