First of all, I have a confession to make…I love Texas!! Well, I should say, I love North Eastern Texas- its just beautiful. Soo green, so many trees, the bluest sky ever…I know it isn’t always this way, it’s been an usually wet summer (which is why it’s so green that you can’t even tell its August, and they say its the first summer in a while that it hasn’t made it over 95 degrees). But I still am continually stunned by how beautiful everything is. I think my favorite part is the architecture- lots of brick and stone. Its very Georgian. especially when they’re nestled between lakes and trees. I think I’m actually going to have to take pictures so that y’all will believe me!

Yes, I did just say ya’ll.

Must take a break, Jesse brought me some Oreo Icecream:)

Okay, moving on.

Today I went and met my boss for the first time at her house in Grapevine. I only got a little lost, but hey, I got to see her town, which is, by the way, you guessed it, beautiful. It is, in fact, where many of the Dallas cowboys families reside in humongous castles by Southlake. The prices there are even almost as bad as LA!

Anyways, back to my boss, I really like her. She is not at all what I expected, probably because in some twisted way I was expecting her to look like Rhonda (anyone who knows this story will know why). But she totally didn’t, she is super cute and friendly, kind of like a “Jina Hawk” type. She was super organized and gave me this huge binder full of directions to every school that I will have to teach at this week, along with separate directions for how to get back to our apt. 🙂 I also got a big music duffle bag full of teaching gear, stickers, books, charts, etc. So thoughtful!

After a quick visit for necessities at Walmart, I picked up Jesse and we met a Realtor in Irving to look at houses. Our goal for the day was to get to know the area in terms of what would appreciate or depreciate in value. After several hours with her, a few hours sightseeing on our own, and a couple hours of research on the internet, we figured out that the best area, both in terms of beauty and long-term value, is North of the University of Dallas (basically anything North of the 183). We saw many homes in this area, and have a list of some to see tomorrow. So excited!!

Last but not least, Jesse and I visited the University of Dallas for the first time. We drove in, and I started to tear up. This wasn’t the first time I have gone all sniffly, because it’s like planning and planning something for months on end and then finally getting to see the fruits of your labor. Like going into labor for 6 months. I was just glad to finally see some results!! We looked at the Graduate Humanities Building, wandered around to the library, and hung out there for the rest of the night. I really liked the school- its about as small as Biola’s campus, but because of all the wide open space around it felt bigger.

Well, that’s all for tonight! I have to get up at 7am for my first day of work tomorrow- whooppee!