Coffee Break Date

coffee with beans

Well, friends, it’s been a while. I’ve been pounding the pavement, working my tail off every day, so let’s sit back and chat, yes?

Our kitchen is about 90% done, and of that 90%, I’ve done about 75% of it single handedly. Literally. With one hand. During the grouting process today, I sliced two of my fingers in a few different spots. I had to use my left hand to finish the grout, while holding a rag over the fingers on my right to stop the bleeding. Oh yes. I’m hardcore. Or stupid. Or insane. Take your pick.

Today would’ve been a homeschooling post, week #2, but my 3 year old Gregory decided to go B.S.C. (Bat Sh#@ CAH-razy) at around 10am, right when we were getting in the car for story time at the library. He never really recovered. Neither did I, apparently. Tantrums are just as hard on the parent, especially when they go on for 2+ hours. Also, I was too busy slicing my fingers with glass tiles to educate my children. Momma Win.

Don’t google image “coffee enema”. my.eyes.are.bleeding.

You did it, didn’t you. For shame.

It’s so hard to not play favorites with one’s foster child siblings. Is it okay to admit to this? For example, I am really loving spending time with the 10 year old right now. It’s such an interesting age! They are just coming into themselves and their personality. They are playful, not too rebellious, and can also be serious and have really deep discussions, especially if you’re in the car and looking at something besides them.

Trader Joe’s gluten free Snickerdoodles are the bomb-diggety.

My purse is a mess. My car is a mess. My kitchen is a mess. There is so much laundry, I can’t even think straight. I need a maid. Perhaps I should ask for one on my next birthday?

This month marks SIX WHOLE MONTHS of blogging for realsies. Well, I mean, I’ve had “a” blog for nearly 6 years now, but it was set to private, had like 5 followers, and wasn’t even google-searchable.

I am totally crushing on my new kitchen backsplash. You guys are gonna love the pictures! Coming soon!

Does anyone else completely lack motivation to do their hair every morning? I’m pretty sure that if you witness me doing my hair more than three days in a row, you’ve just seen a miracle. Angels would have to be there. Some days, I’m just proud that I found the time to sprinkle some dry shampoo in. Or re-arrange the bobby pins in my Mommy Top Knot. Sigh. So much work.

I am undergoing tests tests and more tests for my sudden gluten-soy-chocolate-beans intolerance. Eating is a lot of work, simply because I have to make almost everything from scratch or I have to pay three times as much as I should to have it made for me.

My Latin students take the National Latin Exam next Wednesday, and I’m SO EXCITED for them! We’ve been doing practice tests and review for the past month, and they are doing quite well. I can’t wait to get their scores back.

I’ve been to Home Depot 3 times in the last 24 hours. We don’t really have a saw or angle at our house, so I’ve cut all the pieces for our kitchen window frame right there in the store. Then, I get home and realize I’ve messed up, so back I go. And the funny part is, I get hit on a LOT while I’m there. The moment I touch that saw, guys come out of the wood work (punny?). “Can I help you?” “You look like you need some muscle there!” “Woah, what are you making, can I come over and help?” Um, no. no. no.

On that note, I need to get my wedding ring back in working condition. I do own a beautiful Aarmitage which you can visit to know more about, but the importance of a wedding ring and what it emblematizes is much more significant. I got it rhodium plated 3 months ago, which took care of my nickel allergy problem, but it wore off and I haven’t had time to go back to the jeweler

If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, you know that I’ve been OBSESSED with tiny houses and trailer living for a few weeks now. We met a couple at church who got tired of the crazy high living costs in the Bay Area, sold all their stuff, bought a F-350 and a 35 foot 5-wheel, and they travel! With 2 kids! And they love it. So I’m definitely obsessed. I love our house, but I love the idea of simplicity and care-free living a lot too. Perhaps this kitchen renovation stuff has me ruined.

I really wish I had more work-out discipline. I haven’t exercised in weeks, and I feel really bad as a result. Basically, I’m a flabby blob who doesn’t have any energy. When I see things get done around the house, I’m like, who did that? Me? Wow! I don’t feel strong or energetic, and I know that working out more often would give me a huge mood boost. It doesn’t help that my husband has been a total gym dude for the past 9 months and is probably in the best shape of his adult life. Perhaps I should take a page or two from his book.

I miss beer. Hard apple cider is such an impostor.

Lent is fully underway. It’s hard to believe that we’re going through Lent AND doing foster care.

On that line, when trying to diagnose me, my doctor asked if I was under a lot of stress lately. I thought for a second, then shook my head no. After I left, I thought about it a little more and realized, who am I kidding? I work 25 hours a week. I’m raising 4 kids ages 10, 5, 3 and 2. We’re doing foster care. As a family, we’ve been hit with EIGHT serious illnesses since Christmas. I might be a little stressed, who knows.

I LOVED all the rain we got last week. The world is so green right now! It’s like Ireland showed up on my doorstep.

That’s all for now! Until we meet again! And, if this coffee date was also a play-date, let me apologize for my kids and all the times they punched your kids. More cream?