Ahhhhh….Pascha Break….and Godchild #2!!

Another beautiful thing about working at an Orthodox School is that they take into account all the craziness of Holy Week. We get today, Friday, and Monday completely off from school. Hooray! Apparently I needed sleep- the first thing I did when I got home yesterday was accidentally take a 4 hour nap, wake up for dinner, and sleep for 10 more hours. It was a beautiful thing.

My plans for today, other than the service this evening, include decorating our beautiful porch with plants. Right now, we have this great porch with a great view of all the walking trails that go around our complex, but no plants! No furniture, other than one lonely wicker chair! It really is quite sad. My goal is to be able to go outside and have coffee Monday morning, sitting at some sort of bistro table, surrounded by pretty plants.

This is Clara, sitting on our large but lonely porch :(

This is Clara, sitting on our large but lonely porch :(

We’ll see if it happens. There are a lot of services that we get to attend this weekend. Pretty much all day tomorrow and all day Saturday we will be spending at church. However, this year it doesn’t feel as though we are just going to services to worship by ourselves. This year, since we have the Unruhs and so many close friends in our parish, it really feels like getting to spend the entire weekend with almost-family, celebrating our Lord’s Resurrection. I can’t wait!

Oh- and I just got a call from Courtney telling us that we are going to be receiving our second god-child into our family this Saturday! No, Courtney and Michael are not having another baby 🙂 Instead, it turns out there is a family being received into the Church that does not have godparents for any of their 4 children. So Fr. John asked that we, the Unruhs, the Gaspards, and the Trants each adopt one of them as our godchild. Ours is a 5-year old girl named Lola (Trenna! I won’t be able to think of her as a person!) with the middle name of “Magdalena”. I’m guessing it’s after Mary Magdalene. We should be finding out shortly so that we can buy her an icon of her patron saint. For right now though, Courtney and Katie are at the St. Seraphim Bookstore buying each of the three girls the same cross necklace.

The Unruhs have the only one of the 4 children who hasn’t been baptized. So, come Saturday morning, they will be holding towels and a screaming wet baby. I smiled and said (knowingly 🙂 ) “Have fun with that!”

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