Nothing terribly new to report, just a relaxing weekend! The only activities were a baby shower for my friend Heather (due in 4 weeks with her second!) and the 17th birthday party for my niece, Rachel. Other than those two events which included lots of hanging out with family and friends, Jesse and I did lots of nothing 🙂

Friday was rainy sort of holiday, so we stayed indoors all day drinking coffee and watching the last 3 episodes of Season 1, Walking Dead. I can hear you all screaming at your computer screens, “Please, Kelly! Tell us your oodles of resulting thoughts about vampires and zombies! SPILL YOUR BRAINS!!!” Yes, I detect the irony in your agonizing screams. I will respond soon. All in due time, friends.

Saturday was all about sleeping in until the crack of dawn (8am…well, it’s the crack of dawn for ME, anyways…). I went to one garage sale that promised to be open, rain or shine, because they were selling lots of boy clothes in Gregory’s size. I didn’t come away with much though– only spent $5. Then, we all went to the birthday party for Rachel…can I say, what a miracle that girl is? Just 4 years ago, Brooke adopted her. She’d been in foster care since early grade school, never staying in one place for long. And now? She’s a gorgeous, mature, fun-loving and caring teenager! In fact, despite all that she’s been through (or maybe because of it?) she’s one of the most well adapted teenagers I know.

And then, Sunday was all about church in San Luis, buying a nice pair of much needed maternity pants at Motherhood (they have an extra 30% off on their sale items, going on through today!) and talking to our good friend and favorite monk, Fr. James. Oh, and my favorite part: taking a 4 hour afternoon nap! Even though G was also asleep the whole time, a big thanks to Jesse for letting me zonk out in my cozy bed next to the space heater 🙂 The evening was filled with In-n-out shakes and fries, along with my new favorite show, Once Upon a Time.

Praises from the weekend? Rainy days with the husband are just the best 🙂 Also, Jesse got up with G all 3 mornings and let me sleep in, without even having to change a diaper. That’s love, I tell you.

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  • Jenny F.

    I’m also loving “Once Upon a Time” so far 🙂