Week From Hell

Every since last Friday, our lives have been turned upside down. Since there was a huge mixup at Village Green with our apt. paperwork (the girl who handled our case was actually fired for how messed up she made everything) Jesse and I were switched to a different apartment # than we had originally signed up for. Now, back in July Village Green had seemed like the ideal solution to a few criteria- it was a nice place to live and we liked the location of the 2 units they originally had available. However, the one they randomly assigned us after this huge mixup was in a location that neither Jesse or I liked. It was also on the opposite end of the complex from the Unruhs.

And, of course, they told us this just days before the Unruhs were supposed to move in. I saw the location of the “new” unit and didn’t like it, but held my tongue, lest I disturb the living situation we had created and longed for ever since the Unruhs and us moved our separate ways. Friday night, however, was the first time JESSE had ever seen it- and he was none too pleased, to say the least. This tore me up. I usually think that if just I have a problem with something, it’s because I am being picky and need to grow up. But if NEITHER of us was pleased, then what were we to do?

So our battle with Village Green began. At first, I asked them to give us a different apt. unit. Of COURSE the only ones they had available were much bigger, and much more expensive- about $200/mo. more expensive!! I asked them if they could meet me halfway on the price, lowering it to just $100/mo. more than we were originally supposed to pay. Instead, they only bumped it down to $30/mo. less.

Now, the process of GETTING any sort of answers to my questions was also hellish. I called 5 times a day for 4 days straight and not once were my phone calls returned. I was hurt and offended by this, as the mixup was entirely their fault and we were supposed to move in just 5 days!! Priorities, anyone?

Despite the fact that Jesse and I have been missing the Unruhs terribly all year and wanted to live next door to them, our hassle with the office and the lack of suitable options induced us to look at another apartment complex down the road, Mandolin Apartments. Originally, I had not given them a look because there two bedrooms were a little out of the price range that the Unruhs were willing to pay. But since we were running quickly out of options, I gave them a look online. I absolutely LOVED their floorplans, and since they were only .5 miles away from the Unruh’s apt., Jesse and I went to take a look. We loved what we saw, and put a deposit down.

As you might imagine, the Unruhs were put out by our decision. They wanted us to live in a place that we liked, but they were also grieving at the loss of having us within a 5 min. walking distance. Being as stressed and busy as we were, Jesse and I failed to do the damage control needed for a change of this magnitude.

Now, the nice thing about our friendship with the Unruhs is that we all feel comfortable being as honest as we need to be. This kind of openness and honesty is what enabled us to live problem/issue free for a month in a 1 bedroom apt.

The bad thing about this honesty is that often-times I can dish it out, but I’m not as emotionally tough about taking it. On my way to work yesterday, I got caught in HORRIBLE traffic so I decided to call Courtney. And she let me have a good dose of this honesty.

When I finally got to school after 2 hours of driving, the stress of having just spent 1/2 tank in gas, of moving in 3 days, of not knowing for sure WHERE we were moving, and of having Courtney chew me out sent me over the edge. I walked into school shaking all over and bawling like a baby and spent the whole morning talking things over with Bryan in his office while Fr. Jared subbed for all my classes.

Here’s what one of my high school girls made for me:

Jesse and I talked on the phone for a little while at lunch, and I decided to cancel all of my piano lessons for the evening and have a sit-down talk with the Unruhs about what to do. Jesse was unable to come as he had class until 10pm. After 2 hours of talking, all the issues were aired in a non-emotional or threatening way, and we were able to understand each other better.

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    Wow Kelly! That does sound like the week from hell! Glad it all worked out.