On Church/Gregory: Once again, church was the best cure for crying that I have yet to encounter. Sunday morning, G ate at 8am and made it until noon without eating or crying! He loves church 🙂 He also had one of his great nights– two 4 hour stretches of sleep! I almost feel normal! Perhaps this boy was meant to be a monastic and just can’t wait to stay in church all day!

On the Fuzzibunz Deal post: I sold a few of the inserts that came with the package, along with 3 more girly colored diapers. I have now made $17 by buying the whole package off Craigslist, keeping 10 of the diapers for myself! So glad I jumped on that, seeing as all 15 originally cost $30 and I sold 5 of them for $47!

On Holidays: We spent Thanksgiving with Jenny’s family in Rockwall. They knew that we weren’t able to make it down to Austin for Christmas with Jesse’s aunt and uncle and extended the generous invitation. We have some super cute videos of G being held my various members of their family, so I will try and post one or two soon, especially since he has such a cute Thanksgiving outfit on!

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