Un-Labor Day

It was only a few days ago that we moved the Unruh’s out of our apt. into their new place about 10 minutes away. Luckily, it will only be a temporary separation, as we will be joining them in that apt. complex in less than a month. But it was sad nonetheless.

As we were putting their last things in the car on Saturday night, we started talking about just what this this last month says about the depth of our friendship. We had a LOT of things happen – Michael and Courtney moved across the country, Michael and I started brand new jobs as I was finishing my last 2 weeks of summer school- all while we shared a 1 1/2 bedroom apt. for an entire month! Sharing the bathroom ALONE with MIchael in the mornings was a feat (we both had to be OUT of the house around 7am) and yet there were no major hickups, no awkwardness uncomfortable silences or dirty glances or not-so-harbored feelings. There was one time that Jesse and I went down to use the fitness center, and once we came back we realized that we had not brought keys. And the Unruhs had gone to sleep. And we were locked out. Luckily they let us in after I threw rocks at our window from below, but that was about the biggest “annoyance” (on both sides!) if you could even call it that.

Seeing as I don’t know anyone else in the world that we could have standed living with in such tight quarters for a whole month, it was no surprise that we were all very relieved and glad to see all of each other at church the next morning, only a few hours after we had said goodnight. In fact, we missed them so much that we spent all afternoon at lunch with them, and then invited ourselves over in the evening to help unpack their kitchen.

This is how I helped:

As if that wasn’t enough socializing, only 48 hours after moving into their apt. Michael and Courtney offered to host a Labor Day barbecue for all of us and our friends. The house looked AMAZING, especially considering how little time they had to unpack, and it was a blast. Among us there were Katie, Clay and James Gaspard (who used to go to church with the Unruhs in Chicago and just moved here to Dallas as well), the Snells and their daughter who we knew from the Torrey program at Biola, and Heather and Josh Trant. Everyone brought their own meat and we grilled it out by the poolside.

I forgot to mention: Courtney, Katie and Jen (respectively) are all Preggos.

The boys grilling their meat, drinking beer, and talking about what I assume are important things:

Heather is sitting by the pool, cool and gorgeous as usual:

Elizabeth Snell’s fashion choices are adorable:

Here is Michael, practicing his soon-to-be fatherhood:

It is only due to God’s great goodness and mercy that we have such wonderful friends here, only a year after moving to a different part of the country. We cannot thank Him or enjoy this gift more.

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  • Christine

    Looks like tons of fun! Sorry I wasn’t there to help move, but it looks like y’all were able to do a lot of work. Thanks, too, for the pictures, Kelly. I hope you realize that you are, to the best of my knowledge, the only one regularly cataloguing this period of my sister and brother’s life in film. As family (and friend), I appreciate the pictoral record.

  • Trenna

    Amen to that Christine!! It makes my heart so happy, seeing you all together again!!!