“True” Profit

Sorry, I know this is my third post of the night (hey, anything to postpone the inevitable Samuel Johnson mid-term paper I have due!), but I just had to brag about my awesome Ebay sale.

Last week, I splurged and bought a beautiful pair of True Religion Jeans. These go for $174 at Nordstroms, but at The Rack I got them for $80. When I brought them home, however, Jesse informed me that he doesn’t like black jeans with contrast stitching.

Instead of returning them, I decided to take a few pics with my camera phone and post them on Ebay.

SOLD today for $139! That’s $59 profit for about 1/2 hr of work!

true religion 1

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  • http://bespoken.wordpress.com Elise

    Kelly! You are such an ebay goddess! I just thought of your amazing ebay skills yesterday while wearing the pair of Lucky jeans you found me for like $12. They have lasted so well!