Tomatoes and Cucumbers

There are two foods that I have come to appreciate as I grow older. Actually, if you knew me when I was a kid, you would realize that this list is, in reality, quite LONG– I didn’t like ANYTHING. I was probably the world’s pickiest eater. There are pictures of me eating a PB sandwich at Tess’s 5 year old Chuckie Cheese Party. Yeah, I didn’t like pizza. Or yogurt. Or jam (notice I said “PB” sandwich, not “PBJ”!). Or pancakes. Or hamburger buns. Or burgers. Or mint-anything. But I did like Mac and Cheese (surprised, anyone?).

Anyways, back to two foods that I’ve come to appreciate, let’s say, in my 20’s. First of all, I just LOVE eating sliced tomatoes (fresh and un-cooked, of course). Greece, in particular, did this to me– their fresh fruits and veggies are soooo mouth-watering tasty, that you’d be hard pressed not to love eating any of them raw, by themselves, au naturale. As much of a disappointment all tomatoes have been in comparison, I still love eating them.

The second food, is cucumber. I know, what’s with all the fresh produce?? Doesn’t matter, that’s off topic. Once again, I’ve really come to love eating these little guys, especially in a cold Thai peanut salad. Something about crunchy mixed with wholesome sweetness…

What off-the-wall foods has everyone else come to appreciate?

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  • Becks

    dijon mustard definitely. Also, swiss chard, cabbage, and beets. Mostly fresh vegetables too! Some vegetables are just scary if you have never had them before!

    My sister (24!) tried Avocados for the first time this year!

  • bespoken

    Brussels sprouts! My mom has always hated Brussels sprouts and so I can’t ever remember eating them growing up. Recently, she realized she had been making me eat zucchini (something I loathe) a lot, and so to be fair she decided it was time to revisit her least favorite vegetable. Somehow she found this absolutely amazing recipe and we both ended up liking the sprouts!

  • Kelly

    Isn’t it funny how recipes can make or break it? I used to HATE spinach, because my mom used to make us eat “spinach souffle”. Now, I prefer fresh leaves of spinach to pretty much any kind of lettuce!

    Wanna share the recipe for brussel sprouts on your blog? 🙂

    And how could someone not like avocados???? They are from the gods!