The G Stats

For those who are curious!

G’s Birth Date: 1 week early

G’s Labor: 21 hours, au natural’! 4 hours of pushing.

G’s Birth Weight: Exactly 8 pounds

First Smile: 5 weeks

First Rolled Over: 4 months

First Sat Up: 5 months

First Solid Foods: 5.5 months

Established Sleeping Through The Night (10-12 hours): 6 months

First Walked Around Holding On To Something: 7 months

First Crawled: 7.5 months

First Pulled Up on Furniture: 8 months

First Teeth: 9 months

Began a Love Affair with Cheerios: 9 months

First Walked: 10.5 months

First Word (s): HI (sounds like, “HAAAIII!”) and “Da-da”

Favorite Word: DOGGIE (sounds like, “Dod—eee”)

Nursed for: 11 months

G’s 12 Month Weight: Almost 18 pounds

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