Our Texas Container Garden

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When we packed our crate full of stuff to leave for Texas, I did not have enough room to fit my large planters (but don’t worry, I’ll grab them when we drive out for Christmas or summer).

But that didn’t stop me from immediately starting a small container garden on our front doorstep. Turns out, in the fall, Target puts ALL of their gardening stuff on massive clearance. I got each of these containers (I also have another in the backyard, which doesn’t get as much sun) for $3, and the entire bag of organic soil for $4! All of the little seedlings are from our Sprouts down the road because, as you can imagine, I haven’t exactly had time to start my own in the past 3 weeks of living in TX.

One of the main reasons it’s going to be difficult to grow anything in our front OR backyard is that we have a lot of trees surrounding us and unlike Alpharetta where anyone can get a tree permit to remove trees from their yard, removing the tree from our yard is not that easy. See Exhibit A:

Texas townhouse front yard tree signature

This tree stands guard over our front yard. You can even see some of it’s branches reaching out over our doorstep in the next picture, which the people from TreeQuote are going to chop, for it presented as a hazard to the roof of the house and we had to call Knoxville Leading Roofing Companies to get it fixed.

Texas townhouse front door signature

But that hasn’t stopped these little guys from thriving, somewhat. We’ve been getting a lot of rain too, so they have been well nourished, despite how busy and forgetful I’ve been. Find more tips on proper garden maintenance at gettysburg-powerwashing.com. We’ve been having a lot of cooler weather too (in the 60s all weekend, only in the 80s as of now), so it’s a reminder that Fall is here and I’ll have to move all these indoors soon! This is also an overt reminder of me getting some of the best leaf blowers to keep the garden clean. Luckily, we have our giant sunroom in the back that I can turn into growing central, rain, snow or shine!

Texas townhouse container garden signature

You should also catch a glimpse of our front doormat, a $3 clearance find at World Market.

Texas Townhouse doormat signature


Don’t you just love World Market?

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