South Africa!


As I mentioned on this blog, we spent 2 weeks in South Africa this past December! My brother met a wonderful girl who grew up there, and so it’s where they decided to have the wedding.

What better way to show you what we did than to give you some pictures?

South Africa Gods Window

“God’s Window”


SOuth Africa thatch cottage

Each family had their own thatched roof cottage at the wedding venue!

The Boys near the Elephant

Right outside our hotel door!

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Mac Mc Falls

Mac Mac Falls


Outside our hotel in Johannesburg


Close up on a Safari


The view from our breakfast table at Askari Lodge


The Groom and Ring Bearer :)



Askari Lodge


Want to know what a haggard mom looks like after 20 hours on an International Plane Ride???


Not sure we packed enough luggage…


Sister Bridesmaids :)


Outside our hotel in Sabe. You can also see the 2 story slide to the left! And yes, a trampoline on the kids’ playground!




The boys passed out during the wedding reception!


Sisters and mother!

Askari Game Lodge

Askari Game Lodge, the wedding venue

Askari Game Lodge 1

The view from the wedding reception

South Africa graskop swing

The “Graskop Swing”– where my husband decided to free fall 19 stories!!!

South Africa Graskop swing waterfall South Africa monkey runningSOuth Africa wildebeast South Africa monkeys with baby South Africa pond with animal IMG_8705 FullSizeRender-94 995784_10153965115568243_6522921867908097509_n 10556399_10100321196457207_7881368836534430757_n

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  • Shana

    I love love love seeing and hearing about people who have visited South Africa! We have a beautiful home here and wish more people could experience the magic it can hold! Did you get to try any foods???? Sorry, that is absolutely one thing I have come to love since immigrating here! I really hope you had a wonderful time here! It’s great to here about an American guy marrying a South African woman because 90% of the time it’s like me and it was an American girl who met a South African guy!

  • Seana Turner

    Looks like a dream wedding. I’ve never been to South Africa, but the venue and facilities are amazing. Can’t imagine what the kids thought of walking out their door and seeing an elephant! Congratulations to the bride & groom!