Recipes to Remember

Last night, I made a mouth watering crockpot Mac n Cheese. Of COURSE I doubled the recipe. Pregnant+Leftovers= Happiness.

All the cheese needed would make this a tad expensive– luckily, I used some of my WIC to cover it.

Tonight, I made a tasty Lentil/Sweet Potato stew! If you are looking for a filling vegan meal, this is it! Only cost $6 for a HUGE pot that fed 4 people plus double leftovers. Plus, it makes the house smell heavenly while it’s cooking!

Last but not least, jesse is going to conquer this chocolate chip cookie recipe tonight while my mom and I are out shopping at Kohls (hey, when there’s a sale, there’s a sale!).

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  • Jenny F.

    Good to know my tax money is getting spent on something so delicious!